Thursday, February 16, 2006

You're an Animal

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Attributed to Claudia Ghandi
Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It's good to be silly at the right moment.
If you could have the attributes of any animal which one would it be?
My first inclination is to say a Cheetah, with that kind of speed and mad ups I'd be an NBA Allstar fo sho. After some more thought perhaps a Panda, but I'm already so cute and adorable any more might be an overload. Finally I settled on Horse, umm yeah you might have to use your imagination for that one.......

Prep-ing for a catering gig coming up this weekend, which could possibly launch a new business venture. I've always loved cooking and seem to be pretty good at it. But given the choice to cook for 300 or 2, I'd probably go for the just 2. Making something, anything for someone else to me is possibly the utmost expression of love (without getting the "horse" involved). Especially in the realm of culinary arts where sensuality and passion can be expressed in so many ways; texture, presentation, flavor, spice, etc.
1. Swallowed -Bush
2. Poppin' My Collar -Three 6 Mafia
3. Good to You -Talib Kweli
4. Cupid -Sam Cooke
5. Gone -Kanye West


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