Wednesday, September 12, 2007

gPix and gVids


The Tailgate Crew for JMU's Home Opener!!
The Contentos and The Rythers!!
Gooooo Dukes!!!

The Boys with the Duuuuke Daaaawwwg!

Back On the Potomac Again!
Captain Pimpalicious at the Helm

Sunset Over the Potomac

Another Sunset Over the Potomac


Hellooooo Teddy!!!!!
Teddy Bobble!!!

Nice Throw Rodney!!!
Gooo Dukes!!!
If you listen closely....
Some Guy: I hate Virginia Tech
Girl in Front of Us: For the next year you really can't say that.
Some Guy: Yeah I can, Michael Vick made up for it.


Captain Pimpalicious at the Helm!

Back On The Potomac Again

Fear The Dawg!!


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