Thursday, February 23, 2006

Flavor Flav Does Taxes!


I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.
~Author Unknown

Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
~Lucas "Luke" Jackson, "Cool Hand Luke

Top 5 iPOD Nano-Nano Songs
1. The Scientist -Coldplay
2. Simple Man ~Lynrd Skynrd
3. Shake That Thing ~Sean Paul
4. Slow Motion ~Juvenile
5. Sexy Lady ~UCB
BONUS TRACK: Tears and Rain ~James Blunt

So tax season is just about here. Keep in mind I can't balance a checkbook, and the EZ form is good enough for me. But like any "holiday" season come the shameless promotions of stores and services, and those quickie, possibly fly-by-night tax services are no exception. As I was driving to a friends house I passed by one such place that had kicked the "street" promotions into high gear. And by "street" I mean; literally on the side of the road and also in the ghetto fabulous hip-hop way. Their mascot (who was doing little to draw attention) was appropriately Uncle Sam. But this was no ordinary Uncle Sam because like I said he was clearly form the streets. I have no problem with a black Uncle Sam the same way I have no problem with a black Jesus. (Actually the way things should be perhaps) But if you want a to promote your store and not give off the vibe that you might get robbed after you get your refund, don't put an obvious crackhead/Flavor Flav look alike in an Uncle Sam get up and stick him in front of your store.

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At 10:02 AM, Blogger B and T Crowd said...

When you get your clock, you better know what time it is...Flava Flave! Nice work on the pictures.


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