Friday, June 30, 2006

Zanipolo saves Fahfromheri Pt.4

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
~Oscar Wilde

Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary situations.
~Jean Paul Richter

Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be.
~Anton Chekhov

What the Water Brings
How Zanipolo Saved Fahfromheri

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Zani made sure to drink lots of water before he went to sleep, and sure enough it worked, because he got up just before light, and felt like he was trying to old back an entire canal himself! He gathered his things and checked his lunch to make sure know one ate it during the night. His lunch was still intact but he suffered through the night dreaming he was in a glorious land where the trees were made of pepperoni sticks and the rivers flowed with cream soda. Zani was so excited he was almost skipping up to the steps of the palace. Joe was already there, waiting and eating an apple. He had two unlit torches, and backpacks with him that each looked like they weighed 60 pounds. He said nothing and, but motioned for Zani to follow him. Zani dutifully obeyed, even though he knew his new job would be arduous, he still couldn't let that overcome his excitement. Ballare Palace was nestled at the foot of Riparare Mountain. The mountains craggy rock walls served as protection to the palace form any possible rear assault. (yes rear assault) Zani and Joe set of around the side of the palace up a worn, beaten dirt path. As the path wrapped around the side of the palace a cliff started to fall away and soon there was nothing to the left but the path and the walls of the palace. The two came to the end of the path, a wrought iron gate with four locks was before them. Joe reached into his shirt and produced a necklace with four keys, and one by one un did all the locks. He was careful to show Zani each key and each corresponding lock. The gate opened into a cave in the mountain, Joe lit the torches and handed one to Zani.
The path only narrowed and climbed steeply. As the light from the torches illuminated the walls of the cave Zani saw magnificent cave paintings. Joe looked old and hunched over but was moving at a pace Zani could hardly keep up with. He could only catch glimpses of the paintings, like a movie reel flickering against the walls of the cave. They finally came to another wrought iron gate and by this time only the slightest peek of sun light was showing, creating hues of pinks and purples Zani had never seen before in the sky. Joe was careful to show Zani the same keys would unlock these locks as well. The two stepped out into a magnificent, lush green bowl. The walls of a mountain served as the sloping walls of the bowl, and from the walls waterfalls funneled into a crystal clear lagoon.
Joe set down his backpack and directed Zani to do the same. He took a giant swig from his canteen and passed it to Zani, who couldn't thin of anything else he wanted at that moment.
"Dees isa my place, welcome Zanipolo," said Joe.
"We taka resting and den we gets to worky."
Zani nodded, sat with Joe and closed his eyes.
"Nosa time for sleepy, only resting," Joe said firmly but softly.
"Yes sir," Said Zani.
Only five minutes went by, but Zani had a lifetime of day dreams fill his head in that short span. There was always a girl that appeared, someone he had seen before, but only in passing, and in his dreams her face was never very clear.

"Okie, isa time to worky now, Ima gonna shows yous why our jobs is importante."
Joe pulled several hankerchiefs from his backpack and walked to the edge of the lagoon. He whistled 3 short whistles and one long one. The lagoon started to bubble, and the earth around the two started to shake...



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