Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zanipolo Saves Fahfromheri Pt. 3


I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart.
~Alice Walker

Barn's burnt down
I can see the moon.

We continue with our friend Zanipolo
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What the Water Brings
How Zanipolo Saved Fahfromheri

Zani was delighted in the prospect of a new job, he had grown tired of the family hammock business, and sought his independence. He feared if he lived and worked with his family any longer he too would become as lazy as them.

"I will take the job king!" Zani exclaimed.
"Wouldn't you like to hear what the job is first?" King ChaCha Asked.
"I'll do whatever is asked of me sir, to my utmost ability," said Zani.
"I admire that, but please let me explain your job duties, not to mention the full benefits, and other such details over lunch," said ChaCha.
(King ChaCha as mentioned before was quite benevolent, and may have invented the benefit system of today, providing all municipal workers with pensions, health care, and vacation time too!)

ChaCha gestured for Zani to follow him, they climbed up one ladder to the catwalk and began to ascend. They circled the great room several times and stopped at book shelf in the middle of the wall. ChaCha pulled a book down and the shelf along with the wall opened to an enormous balcony that looked out upon the village and Opimo Bay. A table was already set with fresh fruits, shrimp and grits (the official dish of Fahfromheri), and other light fare salads.

"Please take a seat my son," Said ChaCha. "The job is a very important one, it may seem mundane and grueling, but the ramifications of leaving this job undone or done poorly are severe, for the entire village. Your grandfather once held this very position, and it was while performing his duties he saved my life. You are to become the new Aqueductatician, the keeper of the canal. You will be trained by
Giuseppe, he knew your grandfather well, and was learned the job from him."

Giuseppe seemed to appear out of no where, and appeared as if he glided to the table. He was an old, hunched over, little man, with leather like skin that had been baked in the sun for years. Zani noticed his hands, which were scarred but looked as if they could crush a melon like it was an egg. In a thick peasant, uneducated accent Giuseppe said,
"Yous may call me Joe, go to sleepy early tonight, get your rest. Packs you a lunchay and meet me at the steps to da palace before first light tomorrow."

"Yes sir, Joe," said Zani as Joe smiled widely at Zani and glided off and vanished. Zani was not at all scared or worried by any of this, but excited and eager. Zani and the king ate the rest of their lunch in silence, admiring the majesty of Fahfromheri and Opimo bay. When lunch was finished ChaCha wished Zani well , and Kadeem showed him out a completely different way, but some he ended up at the front door to the palace. Zani did as he was told, he stopped at the fruit stand and the sandwich shop on the way home. He carefully wrapped his lunch and put it into his satchel. Knowing his family would try to eat his food Zani slept with the satchel, inhaling salami fumes every time he snored.



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