Thursday, July 20, 2006

So You Wanna Be A Welder?????


We all know that art is not the truth, art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.
~Pablo Picasso

I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going and hook up with them later.
~Mitch Hedberg

Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love. We've got company.

I've been on a low key job search as of late. Low key because my ass needs to step it up and really charge hard, which I haven't done. But it occured to me tht other day; what about a complete field change? What would I do? I am seriously considering WELDING!!
What if I became a welder? What would Mom and Pop think about the money they spent on my education? But I love working with my hands, blu collar stuff, being able to look at a fnished project, and there is an art side to it too! I wouldn't give up my writing. Instead I'd become like William Carlos Williams. Famous poet, but also fulltime physician. Just like WCW was Doctor/Poet I could be Sammy Kleinrock, Welder/Childrens Book Author. That has a nice ring to it. Or maybe even a mechanic. Samuel Jed Kleinrock, Mechanic/Novelist. Hmmm?

***Actually my main motivation for wanting to become a welder was inspired by Flashdance. Cuz you know I be strippin' in the evenings. Move over Jennifer Beals, heres I come. My routine would include the chair and water routine, but I'd probably work in my welding mask and sparks flying everywhere. If you wanna catch my act (LADIES ONLY thank you) come down to MAN-TASTIC.***


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