Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Zanipolo saves Fahfromheri Pt.5

(Proverbs Edition)

Fall seven times, stand up eight.
~Japanese Proverb

Rejoice not at thine enemy's fall - but don't rush to pick him up either.
~Jewish Proverb

What the Water Brings
How Zanipolo Saved Fahfromheri

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Zani was scared, but also curious, what in the world could be causing this??!? How big was this monster!!? Joe opened one of the hankerchiefs to reveal hundreds of tiny mushrooms. He took a handful and tossed them into the middle of the lagoon. As soon as the first fungus hit the water the shaking stopped. And just as quickly the entire lagoon was jumping, little fish like creatures were jumping out of the water, some as much as 6 feet high!
"Dems eez da Loco-Salto-Pexo," said Joe, "We's calling dem da Lesps dough."
"Do they bite? Are they dangerous?" inquired Zani.
"Firsts we feeding dem, den I teaching yous," said Joe.
Zani needed no other cue and did as Joe did picking up one of the other hankerchiefs full of mush rooms and flung them into the water. When all the mushrooms were gone, the lagoon became very still, occasionally a Lesp would jump and flip in the air but that quickly subsided. Joe sat Zani down, and began to explain all about the Lesps. This was the only place in the world these creatures were found. Caught somewhere in between a evolutionary stage these fish like creatures also had tiny arms and legs they could use to crawl around on, but also very powerful tails that propelled them fast enough to make those extraordinary leaps out of the water. Joe went on to explain that the Fahfromherians had been feeding them for centuries, and fed them to appease them, for they were voracious eaters. And it seemed that mushrooms were their favorite food. The lagoon they resided in was fed by all the water falls from mountain springs, which in turn was the Fahfromherians freshwater source. In one corner of the lagoon was an underwater gate that allowed for the flow of freshwater into the canals and aqueducts that supplied the village people with freshwater. A long time ago an agreement was reached that the Fahfromherians would feed the Lesps mushrooms every morning, and in return the Fahfromherians could open the water gate every morning for fresh water, without fear of the Lesps following the route into the village and devouring everything in sight. This agreement had been honored for the last 300 years. So Zani's new job was a very very important one. Joe brought Zani over to the gate and showed him how to change the filter, and how to open the gate. But Zani knew there had to be more than this to the job...


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