Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Say it Ain't So TO


Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope - a slight change, and all patterns alter.
~Sharon Salzberg

There're no words to say
No words to convey
This feeling inside I have for you
Deep in my heart
Save from the guards
Of intellect and reason
Leaving me at a loss
For words to express my feelings
Deep in my heart
Look at me losing control
Thinking I had a hold
But with feelings this strong
I'm no longer the master Of my emotions

~Tracy Chapman For You

Cuz, I'm a rebel, a soul rebel. Microphone Check 1, 2 what is this? The 5 foot assasin w/ the rough neck business. Gotta to have Kaya NOW! Because you're mine, I walk the line.

I have actual empathy for TO.


FRIEND'S IM NAME (10:31:34 AM): he has all this money a beautiful body and he plays football

Just goes to show, money and fame don't always bring happiness.
I get it though, TO was a unkown to start his career, he came from a very small school. He also was a the 3rd starter behind Jerry Rice and JJ Stokes, the man slated to fill Jerry Rice's shoes. But he played and played well, humbly. I think it was his agent that pushed him to create a new personality, so he did. He could and does back up his talk with his actions on the field. He has a right to be cocky because he is that good. But plenty of other people that have been that good don't resort to the cult of personality to get ahead. I believe TO thought he had to. An now he is trapped in a world he created and saw no way out. TO there is a way out, you can change your ways. I think you can begin again, but this is not the way.


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