Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Snuggle and Penetration


The least of learning is done in the classrooms.
~Thomas Merton

Take everything you like seriously, except yourselves.
~Rudyard Kipling

An act of love that fails is just as much a part of the divine life as an act of love that succeeds, for love is measured by fullness, not by reception.
~Harold Lokes

Nano Nano
1. Possum Kingdom ~The Toadies
2. Mighty "O" ~Outkast
3. Don't Feel Right ~The Roots
4. N2U ~Outkast
5. i burn ~The Toadies
6. Here I Come ~The Roots

Kasey Kahne in what might be the gayest firesuit ever. Snuggle really? A win is a win. And Kasey won the Busch race!


This is what real victotry feels/looks like. Kasey pretty much needed to win to stay alive for the chase and a chance at the championship. And he did just that winning the Nextel race!!!
(Although note the patch on his upper right chest. Siemens? Really?)
He's really happy to have liquids sprayed all over him.
All kidding aside props to Kasey racking up his 5th win of the season and keeping hope alive! He has the most wins out of anybody this season, but still not a shoe in for the Chase. Fortunately next week Nextel series heads to Richmond, the place where I witnessed Kasey get his first win! Good Luck Kasey!!!!

JMU won it's opening game against Bloomsburg University. But those in attendance can testify that it was not the Dukes' finest hour. There was virtually no penetration by the defensive line, and no push from the O line. And as everyone knows penetration and push are key. The Dukes scored in the mid 3rd quarter on a swing pass to #15 LC Baker "The Toucdown Maker." Putting the Dukes up 7-3. The bend don't break D went into effect and Junior Free Safety Tony Lezotte sealed the victory with an interception late in the 4th. Maurice Fenner scored in the games final minute making the final score 14-3 Dukes Dawgs!!!!


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