Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not Atoning, Working, Not Working, Blogging


Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.
~Charlie Brown

Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either.
~Golda Meir

We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love our first.
~George John Whyte-Melville


1. Brothers On A Hotel Bed
~Death Cab For Cutie
2. Black Betty
~Ram Jam
3. Leave You Alone
4. All Night Long
Lionel Richie
5. Grind With Me
Pretty Ricky
6. All Falls Down
~Kanye West
7. Shake That Thing
~Sean Paul
8. Check Yourself
Ice Cube
9. Tonto
~Sugar Hill Gang
10. Wagon Wheel
~Old Crow Medicine Show

Watched Munich with my bro. Damn was that a good flick, a bit long, and had a very weird last scene but it was good.

JD and I got up ealry to go fishing, but experienced technical difficulties w/ the boot. We didn't let it dampen the mood and headed to the Brickskeller. I t was my first time there, both JD and I got excited when we saw KEO the Cypriot beer on the menu. But like most everything on their extensive (understatement) menu they were out. So being I settled for Amstel Light. I figured I would get funny looks if I ordered Miller Lite, so I went as high brow as I could. Next stop was Gazuza, where our out of town guest got denied a quarter of the way up the stairs for wearing flip-flops. That bouncer had really good eyes and ears. So a quick jaunt across the circle led us to Big Hunt, where one bartender was expected to serve the gi-normous crowd. JD quashed a girl fight, and Out of Town guet had his butt pinched, which seemed to be the theme of the night, because it happened to JD and OOG again at Lucky Bar.
On the way to Lucky Bar we were treated to the sight of a girl puking in the streets, not uncommon for the confluence of bars on 18th, but funny when she was handed a traffic cone to puke in to. I guess to better direct the flow in to a neat pile on the street.

Today is my day of Atonement and possibly the hloiest of holy days, Yom Kippur. The one sin I want to wash away the most is my jealousy. I've found myself increasingly jealous of my friends in relationships. Not their relationship in particular or specifically, but not having one of my own. I've been putting forth (in my book) a good amount of effort, with little to show in return. After our night out in particular at Lucky Bar, I realized just how easy it is, to grind up on someone and possibly take them home for the night. While I'm not opposed to that at all, cuz hey everyone needs some, I want more than that. Things like this way heavy on your mind when forced to reflect on the year passed. And for those that know me, they know what kind of year I've had. My birthday is coming up this weekend, which also forces me to reflect on the past year, and looking back on last years birthday experience and the months following I can honestly say there is a world of difference, in a good way. However reminders seem to pop up outof no where. Maybe not no where thanks to Friendsters B-Day reminder, which is had the wrong date anyway.

CASE #13


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