Friday, January 29, 2010



Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon render it easy and agreeable.

Donde hay amor, hay dolor.
Spanish Proverb

Action is eloquence.
William Shakespeare


1. If I Die Young -The Band Perry

2. Big Sciota Old Crow Medicine Show

3. Breaking The Girl -Red Hot Chili Peppers

4. Behind The Wall -Tracy Chapman

5. Lost? -Coldplay

6. Southern Voice -Tim McGraw

7. Time Won’t Let Me Go -The Bravery

8. We Came Up (Crystal Stair) -Tek & Steele featuring Talib Kweli

9. War -Big Boi (Outkast)

10. Wicked Game -Chris Isaak

gTunes Extended

Some time ago in my quest to find good music I could listen to at work I stumbled across a Country station out of Iowa, 97.3 The Hawk. The morning show is down to earth, fun, and they play great tunes (for those that like country). They also have a great Fresh Faces feature where they introduce up and coming bands and artists. One great band that has been featured lately is The Band Perry. I urge you all to check them out, even non-Country fans will appreciate them.

97.3 The Hawk

The Band Perry
If I Die Young


Due to my commitment to healthy living and a low-carb diet, I’ve had to give up my alcoholic beverage of choice: beer. Mmmmmm…beer. I know the empty calories of all alcoholic beverages are not good for any diet, but as they say moderation is key. Man cannot live on lean meats, green vegetables and cheeses alone. I did my research and found that most spirits contain no carbs at all. My gag reflex used to kick in at the thought of bourbon, but I figured in my older, mellower, wiser years I would give it a second chance. I actually first started drinking and enjoying bourbon a couple years ago the first time I tried a low-carb diet. I started off (at Ciabatta Bread’s recommendation) with a very smooth very decent whiskey, Maker’s Mark. I like Maker’s mark because it’s smooth and you can pick out the distinct caramel burnt oak flavors. My goal is to continue to refine my palette and find more bourbons that I like. At Hugenot’s annual; holiday party I purchased and enjoyed Jefferson’s. it was very good quality but not quite as smooth as Maker’s. Last weekend FlowersChild recommended Basil Hayden, which I enjoyed so much I drank all night (3-4 drinks) and it may have knocked Maker’s from its lofty perch of go-to bourbon choice. I’d love to try more and hope maybe you can leave a comment with a suggestion or too.


Waist and belly shrinking…biceps and pectorals growing and toning.

I’m so sick of a 2-egg breakfast I decided to replace it with a protein shake with the previously mentioned Whey Protein Isolate. Here is my recipe:

· 1 cup non-fat or low fat plain yogurt

· 1 cup frozen mixed berries

· 1 ½ scoops whey protein isolate

· 1/3 to ½ cup vanilla soy milk

Throw all that stuff in a blender…blend…drink.


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