Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Friend Sir Grot-Alot


The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.
~Havelock Ellis

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.
~Albert Camus

Since I just learned that a good college friend of mine is swinging thru the area today and plans to do lunch with me, I thought it would be a good idea to tell a "Sir-Grotalot" story. To protect all parties involved "Groten-kahmen", "Grotenstein" will hence forth be called SG (short for Sir Grot-alot).

To give some sort of background SG; is a good ole southern boy from a former Confederate Capital some 1 and a half hours south of here. He's a jock, a meathead, a frat boy, but generally just a fun loving over indulgent guy. A real guy's sorta guy. It's a short description but kinda sums him up at the same time.

Buttman (one of my best friends) and I decided to take a road trip which would include stopping in NYC (SG lived there at the time) to hang out a couple days, pick up SG and proceed to meet up with our other good college buddy Slynig in Providence, RI. We would all then got to a game at Fenway. Great idea! We made it up to RI just fine and made our way into Boston, killing a case between the four of us on the 45 min. ride in. Of course an game at Fenway is proceeded by as many beers as u can fit in at one of the wonderful bars that surround the stadium, we obliged. SG got cut-off by the 2nd inning!!!! Which really didn't stop him from drinking the rest of the game, cuz that's what friends are for. All this build up for the following glorious moment: After the game we stumble to the parking lot, most of the cars had left already but the remaining few were in for a big surprise. SG ran straight at a car (well kinda straight) jumps in the air, twists his body mid-air and lands ass first on the hood of the car, inventing what would be known as the butt-bomb. At first I was curious to see if he would stop his full throttle attack at the car but to see him hurl and twist his body mid air and land ass first, I never even imagined. One of the funniest things I ever saw and only funnier when he proceeded to do it to 3 or 4 more cars. I normally don't thin vandalism is funny but to see it done in such a creative manner was more than I could handle.

Moral of the story: What morals?????

As an aside to this story, I was on a date relaying the story to whatever girl I was with at the time, and she asked, "Did he leave a note???" Needless to say I didn't plan a second date with that genius, and almost spit whatever beverage was in my mouth all over her.


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