Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Foiled Again!


My friends are my estate.
~Emily Dickinson

(An excerpt from the movie Out of Sight)
Karen Sisco:
Well, does it make sense to you?
Jack Foley:
It doesn't have to, it's something that happens. It's like seeing a person you never saw before -- you could be passing on the street -- you look at each other and for a few seconds, there's a kind of recognition. Like you both know something. But then the next moment the person's gone, and it's too late to do anything about it, but you remember it because it was right there and you let it go, and you think, "What if I had stopped and said something?" It might happen only a few times in your life.
Karen Sisco:
Or once.

More in the on-going "battle" to download the new RHCP album; everything was et to go, but as I tried to download my "pre-purchased" copy of Stadium Aracdium it was a no go. iTunes told me I needed a more up to date version of the operating system because the album had videos too! I DON'T WANT THE VIDEOS!!!! Just gimmie the music damn-it! I have resloved to go to BestBuy and purchase an actual copy of the album. F iTunes!
Last weekend ws great! I got my neck red both literally and figuratively at the Crown Royal 400 at Richmond International Raceway. Yes I like NASCAR. But more importantly I saw about a dozen of my old friends, and ate at great restaurant called Comfort. Actually my weekend as most weekends out of town are for people, was dominated by food. The act of breaking bread, tailgating all that is such a ritual, and one that was not avoided at all.

So if you read yesterday's blog and knew those were spark plug wires, and maybe did a little investigation in to what happened at the NASCAR race: you would know that my driver Kasey Kahne had a couple of those bad boys come loose. After fixing the problem and going 5 laps down he had the fastest car for the majority of the race. Which don't mean squat if you're 5 laps down. Needless to say I was not happy.


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