Friday, June 09, 2006

Fireflies are here! They're cute cuz their butts light up!


Sometimes life gets in the way of life.
~Samuel Jed Kleinrock

Everything is negotiable, except love.
~Samuel Jed Kleinrock

Remember these guys?

While driving back from Cafe Asia/Black Rooster LB spotted some fireflies. I hadn't seen any yet so I got excited, as did JD and LB. This usually marks the first days of summer for me. Anything whose butt lights up is okay with me. Also reminds me of those yesteryears, of capturing the little bugs and putting them in mason jars, smearing them on the ground or your face. I always keep a look out for them when the weather gets warm, maybe for the comfort of just knowing they're around, maybe for the strolls down memory lane, who knows. Got some decisions to make about my weekend plans, Blogger HH at Eyebar, trek to the river and check out Gilligans Pier. One thing is for sure I will dominate RayRay in tennis on Saturday. Haven't played in almost a year but I'm sure it will only take me a set or so before I get the ol' swing working again. Have a great weekend everybody!


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