Monday, June 12, 2006

Remember the Time I Fell In?


You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty.
~Sacha Guitry

There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people.
~Muhammad Ali

To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.
~Jorge Luis Borges


1. Ride Wit Me ~TI
2. 21st Century ~RHCP
3. Where Is My Mind ~James Blunt
4. U Got It Bad ~Usher
5. Who Cares? ~Gnarls Barkley

I guess this is the obligatory Monday morning post where I re-hash my weekend, but at least some hilarity took place. FRIDAY: The long stressful week had taken it's toll by Thursday, but like the trooper I am I fought through some Friday blues, and a insurmountable task at work. I had to review/finish a 100 page document by COB Friday so my boss could look at it over the weekend, but as I just learned a 1/2 hour ago Boss only made it through...well none of it! Good thing Boss was on my case and made it sooo very important for me to get it done. After deciding my eyes were to crossed to look at the damn thing anymore I left late and met up with JD, TD and they're chicks at the boat. But not before at least an hours worth of traffic, at least 2o minutes of which had me sitting on 295 in front of Blue Plains Sewage Treatment facility. Yummy. As soon as I hit Indian Head Hi-way traffic opened up and I was on my way. As I was pulling in to the marina I had a premonition of falling in the water...hmmm. JD couldn't have timed it more perfectly as I reached the end of the pier he picked me up w/ out even docking, a situation that we will learn a little later can be sort of dicey. As I stepped on the boat and a "touch and go landing" was preformed a beer hit my hand. TD offered me a couzy, but I told him there would be no need, as this beer would only last a minute or two any way. We arrived a Gilligan's Pier (a sweet redneck on the water dive bar/ restaurant), and Captain JD barked out directions for all of us. I was on the back left of the boat for docking. A man TRYING to be HELPFUL (aka TTBH) yelled for a rope which LB threw to him. With a great and mighty tug he pulled the boat twoards the dock, he pulled so hard the motor was about to smash into the pier! I jumped up and pushed off from the pier before the motor collided with the post. However as I was doing so TD was pulling form the front to avoid the same mishap. Fully extended with feet on the back edge of the boat and hands on the pier I calmy informed LB I was going to fall in. Which I did! So I had fallen in and wasn't even drunk yet, nor did we even sit down for dinner yet! Soaked to the bone I struggled to climb back on the boat, sliced my finger open, ruined my cell phone, wallet and verything else that wa sin my pockets. LB and AZ were sweet hearts and ran to buy me a Gilligans pier t-shirt. Which was Blaze orange and sleeveless. My keen fashion sense wouldn't allow the sleevelessness, so the girls sweetharts as they are ran back and got another blaze orange t-shirt, this time w/ sleves. Dinner was great, the place was fun but not very crowded. On JD's last visit it was apprently packed. There was some trashy/seafood smell in the air, but that might have just been the local girls at the bar. Many jokes were made at my expense, but many of them also came out of my mouth. SATURDAY Woke up early to get a new phone, Thank God I signed up for the insurance! And would later learn JD fell in too! Although not all the way, enough to wet down the celly. Met up with Ray who beat me in tennis, even though I was clearly the better player. Loser bought dinner which I did, and we got gi-mongous salads from Willie and Reeds in Bee-Duh (Bethesda). Watched Date Movie, which was just ok for me dawg, just aight. SUNDAY Got up super early for a catering gig with JD, lounged, watched NASCAR, then went over to JF's for a great meal he cooked for both JD and I. All in all, a wet, funny, busy, money making, tiring weekend. Word.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might there be a repeat performance? I mean I know I'll beat you in tennis again (as I am CLEARLY the better player), but I would pay cash to see you fall in the water. Can we maybe arrange something? I also would have made you wear the sleeveless orange shirt...


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