Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A to Z of me!


I was no petty thief, I wanted the world or nothing.
~Charles Bukowski

If you love large, you've got to hurt large. If you've got a lot of light, you've probably got an equal amount of darkness.
~Sarah McLachlan

I know of only one duty, and that is to love.
Albert Camus

Feels like I step on fortune cookie!
...That no cookie!

You can open doors with your charm and patience.

Saw this on another blog thought I'd do one too!

A - Available: Yup
A - Age: 28
A - Annoyance: Complainers
B - Best Friend: Buttman and JD to name 2
B - Bad Habit: Being Lazy
B - Birthday: October 7
C - Crush: Orange
C - Car: goes by the name Blackbeard's Delight
C - Cats: The musical? Never saw it.
D - Dead Pets Name: Bunky, Pancho, Lizzy
D - Desk Top Picture: Tropical Island
D - Dogs: Not anymore, maybe soon!
E - Easiest person to talk to: Buttman and JD
E - Eggs: Overeasy
E - Email: All day.
F - Favorite color: Yellow (also Gold abd Black Go Steelers!)
F - Food: Mom's Potato Salad
F - Foreign Slang: Schmuck
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears,bouncin' here and there and everywhere.
G - God: Dunno
G - Good Times: Any time I'm surrounded by friends.
H - Hair Color: Brown
H - Height: N/A (hahahaha)
H - Happy: Sure!
I - Ice Cream: Birthday Cake Remix form Coldstone
I - In school?: Nope
I - Introverted or Extroverted?: A little from column A a little from column B.
J - Jewelry: Not anymore.
J - Job: Writer/Editor
J - Jokes: All the time.
K - Kids: Adopt for sure.
K - Karate: Nope.
K - Kung fu: Love the movies especially Sonny Chiba.
L - Longest Car Ride: Recently? DC to Talladega, Alabama
L - Longest relationship: Bout a year
L - Last phone call: Made: James Recieved: James
M - Milk Flavor: Plain
M - Mothers Name: Candy
M - Movie Last Watched: Goodfellas
N - Number of Siblings: 1 Bro
N - Northern or Southern: Like ot say southern but kinda on the cusp.
N - Name: Sammy
O - One Phobia: Wasps. The flying kind not the people.
O - Open or Closed?: Too open.
O - Orgasm: Giving or Recieveing?
P - Parents, are they married or divorced: Married.
P - Part of your jerking: Huh?
P - Part of your personality you like best: I'm jokey/smartass.
Q - Quote: Have you read my blog????????
Q - Question for the next person?: Are you sure?
Q - Quick or Slow?: Both.
R - Reality TV Show: Too many to name!
R - Right or Left: Righty
R - Right now: Startin' my day w/ a blog!
S - Song Last Heard: Heart of the City Jay-Z
S - Season: Spring
T - Time you woke up: 6:30am
T - Time Now: 8:42am
T - Time for bed: I'd love to go back to bed, so yes.
U - Unknown Fact about me: I would say, but that's why they're unknown.
U - Unicorns: Napoleon Dynamite likes em.U - You are: Just a man.
V - Vegetable you hate: Dunno, I likes my veggies.
V - Vegetable you love: yes I love.
V - Voice: Deep.
W- Worst Habits: Bit messy.
W- Where are you going to travel next?: Out of the States: Cyprus!!!
W - Where were you born?: VA
X - X-Rays: Had a few in my day.
X - XXX: Never saw it, is that w/ Vin Diesel?
X - Xylophone: Not too many X questions huh?
Y - Year you were born: 1977
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow: See above under favorite color.
Z - Zoo Animal: Panda!!!!!
Z- ZodiaC: Libra
Z - Zoolander: La Tigra.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger B and T Crowd said...

Oh boy! I love reading a blog with content ideas you'd read in forwards sent amongst middle school girls. And no, I don't have first-hand (enough puns, ok?) knowledge of what their forwarded emails are like, but it's safe to assume.


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