Monday, March 06, 2006

Friday Night Flip Cup Frenzy


It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or fourteenth.
~George Burns

Alcohol is the cause and the solution to many of life's problems.
~Homer J. Simpson

Starkle, starkle little twink, who da hell you are i think. I'm not as drunk as some thinkle peep I am. Besides I've only had tee martoonies and all day sober to Sunday up in. I fool so feelish, i don't know whos me yet, but the drunker I sit here, the longer I get.

Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.
~Dave Barry

My Fortune Last Night
Love is on the way...
(And where is it going exactly???)
Top 10 iPod Nano-Nano Songs
(It was a long road trip so the list has expanded to 10)
1. All Comes Down ~Kanye West
2. Breakaway ~Kelly Clarkson
3. Out Of My Mind ~James Blunt
4. Fly That Knot ~Talib Kweli
5. Knock Me Down ~RHCP
6. Hurricane ~Bob Dylan
7. Get Up Off That Thing ~James Brown
8. International Affair ~Sean Paul
9. Pieces Of Me ~Rare Essence
10. You Were Made For Me ~Sam Cooke

Friday night Flip Cup frenzy! Your at a cabin in the mountains surrounded by snow, a fire roars in the background, ah yes these are the high times. Maybe you're sipping some hot cocoa perhaps an apple cider, possibly even 12 Miller Lights, I say take option 3 and play and old favorite drinking game. Our choice was flip cup with a twist, because flip cup wasn't enough of a challenge for us we decided to add a lil' bit of Quarters to the tail end of the final rotation, leading to a frantic spewing of metal at glass.
Skiing was great fun even though my cursed, chronically, troublesome feet limited my runs. I hate ski boots with a passion. If I wanted to extract information from an "enemy combatant," (using the parlance of our shady President) I would strap a pair of those bad boys on their feet and continualy tighten the robotic straps. There has to be a better way, no!? I managed to get sunglasses/goggle tan anyway and had a great time with my friends.


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