Friday, March 03, 2006

Going Skiing and I Take Lisa Loeb on a Skateboard Dream Date


Where there is love there is life.
~The Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi

Here we are trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.
~Kurt Vonnegut

My Fortune Cookie Said:
It's as good as money in your pocket.
(What is as good as money in my pocket? If you don't tell me we're gonna have to fight cookie!)

Top 5 iPod Nano-Nano Songs
1. Cry Baby ~Janis Joplin
2. Gimmie Shelter ~The Rolling Stones
3. Black Girl Pain ~Talib Kweli
4. Bring The Pain ~Method Man
5. Used To Love U ~John Legend

I finally have a weekend off, and instead of relaxing and fighting the war of the perpetually messy house I am going skiing! I haven't been in about 3 years and last night when I pulled all of my gear out of the closet it had a about 3 years worth of dust on it. After trying on the boots I decided I'd better rent because 3 years of inactivity must have made the boots shrink (maybe). Also I am slightly embarrassed of my skis, they have a wood grain pattern and are a s wide as powder skis, which they never have or will touch since I'm an east coast kid. I'm hoping I don't land on my ass as much as I expect to, unless of course I try to snowboard which consists (or so I've heard) of you being on your ass as more than in an upright position. I'm a big fan of the other things hat come along with skiing though, a hot tub surrounded by snow, snow bunnies, snow bunnies in a hot tub surround by snow, drinking with my buddies, drinking with my buddies in a hot tub surrounded by snow filled with snow bunnies, etc. Here's to a great weekend ahead, getting out of town and hittin' the slopes! Lechaim!

Does anybody know anything about dream interpretation? Cuz last night I was on a date with Lisa Loeb teaching her how to skateboard (I don't even know how to) on a sound stage from a Star Wars movie. More to come in later blogs on this subject.






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